Age discrimination

Conciliation restores working relationship

The complainant was in their 60s. The complainant alleged that managers were discussing who would replace them when they retired. The complaint was accepted for investigation because it disclosed possible age discrimination and offensive, humiliating, insulting or ridiculing conduct on the basis of age.

The complainant also complained about other staff, but those matters did not indicate a possible breach of the Act.

At the time of making the complaint, the complainant was on extended sick leave.

The complaint was resolved following a conciliation conference. The employer agreed to take reasonable steps to facilitate the complainant’s return to work in accordance with its policies and procedures. The employer also agreed to arrange external mediation between and the complainant and other staff.

Complaint withdrawn after receiving response to complaint

The complainant alleged age discrimination in the provision of facilities, goods and services. The complainant, an older athlete, entered a sporting event to be held in Tasmania. The rules of the sporting event said that sports could combine age groups if there were not enough competitors in one age group. The complainant was concerned that older athletes would need to compete against younger athletes and would not be able to win medals.

After being notified of the complaint, the organiser of the sporting event explained that sports were allowed to combine age groups if there were not a minimum number of participants. This was to ensure meaningful competition and that events were run in a timely manner. However, medals would still be awarded for each age group.

The complainant was satisfied with this explanation and withdrew the complaint.