Gender identity discrimination

Transgender woman resolves complaint at conciliation

The complainant was born as a male, but identifies as female, and lives and seeks to live as a female.

She was a member of a club, and alleges that an offensive sexual remark was made to her about her gender identity.

The complainant made a complaint alleging discrimination and conduct that is offensive, humiliating, intimidating and insulting on the basis of gender identity, gender and disability and sexual harassment.

The agreement between the parties included that the respondent talk to the person who made the alleged comment about the impact of those remarks upon people whose gender differs from their designated sex at birth, and that the respondent adopt an anti-discrimination policy.

Gender identity complaint resolved after explanation provided

The complainant, a transgender woman, alleged discrimination and offensive conduct on the basis of her gender and gender identity after she was banned from a service provider. She believed she may have been banned because she is a transgender woman. The respondent, in its response and at the conciliation conference, explained that the ban was unrelated to the complainant’s gender and gender identity. The parties, after respectfully listening to one another at the conciliation conference, agreed that the issues had been resolved by mutual understanding.