Complaint form and instructions

When you make your complaint of discrimination or other unlawful conduct you need to make sure it:

  • is in writing
  • is signed by you
  • tells us who you are complaining about
  • tells us who was affected by the discrimination or other unlawful conduct; and
  • gives us details of the alleged discrimination or other unlawful conduct, including what happened and when it happened.

Please write clearly.

You can include supporting material if it is relevant to the complaint. Please send us copies only. If the Commissioner needs to see the original, she will ask you to provide it.

You can write your complaint in a language other than English if it is the language you are most fluent in. The Commissioner will arrange for it to be translated at no cost to you.

If you have difficulty writing, please contact us and we will help you to write your complaint or refer you to an appropriate service that can help.

Personal information

If you provide personal information to Equal Opportunity Tasmania it is important that you read the Personal Information Protection Statement

How to send your complaint

Your complaint needs to be delivered to the Commissioner via one of the following methods.


The Commissioner
Equal Opportunity Tasmania
GPO Box 197
Hobart Tas 7001


Hand delivery:

Level 1, 54 Victoria Street, Hobart

Complaint form

Online complaint form

You can also use this PDF form to make a formal complaint.

IMPORTANT: You will need to print a hard copy of this form to sign it. A complaint needs to be signed before it can be submitted to this office.

When you complete the complaint form it is important that you provide as much relevant information as possible. This will enable the Commissioner to fully consider whether or not your complaint should be accepted for investigation.

You do not have to use the complaint form. If you choose not to use the form, please ensure you have included all of the information we need to begin the complaint process. Please make sure your complaint is signed.