City of Hobart (Youth Arts Officer)

Application no: 20/12/022

Date granted: 11/12/2020

Date of expiry: 11/12/2023

Date advertised in Tasmanian Government Gazette: 23/12/2020

Relevant exceptions under the Act: Sections 25, 26, 27(1)(d)


This exemption was granted to permit the City of Hobart to advertise, recruit and employ a female only to the position of 'Youth Arts Officer', located at the City of Hobart's Youth Arts & Recreation Centre in Hobart, on the basis that:

  • The centre provides opportunities for young people 12 to 25 years of age to participate in creative, cultural, social and recreational programs within the Youth Arts & Recreational Centre and Youth Programs more generally; and
  • Currently, there are three permanent male staff members, with one casual female staff member covering one shift a week. It is vital that a female is recruited to bring gender equity to the team and to ensure a female presence at the centre every day; and
  • Gender balance ensures the team can provide assistance and support to a broad range of young people with diverse cultural and/or emotional needs.