Relationships Australia Tasmania

Application no: 20/07/051

Date granted: 29/07/2020

Date of expiry: 29/07/2023

Date advertised in Tasmanian Government Gazette: 5/08/2020

Relevant exceptions under the Act: Sections 25, 27(1)(d)


This exemption was granted to permit Relationships Australia Tasmania to recruit and employ a female practitioner to work in the Men Engaging in New Strategies (‘MENS’) Program. This is to enable the program to be facilitated by a team of one man and one woman (state-wide) on the basis that:

  1. the aim of the MENS Program is to change the behaviours of male family violence perpetrators through providing intervention to improve the safety of family violence victims and their children;
  2. the recruitment of a female practitioner for the MENS program will ensure it can be co-facilitated by a man and a women according to best practice models; and
  3. The MENS Program is an action in the Safe Homes, Families, Communities: Tasmania’s action plan for family and sexual violence 2019-2022.