Shebah Pty Ltd

Exemption no: 18/05/028

Date granted: 22/06/2018

Date of expiry: 22/06/2021

Date advertised in Tasmanian Government Gazette: 27/06/2018

Relevant exceptions under the Act: Sections 25, 26, 27(1)(d), 27(1)(f)


This exemption was granted to permit Shebah Pty Ltd to recruit and employ female drivers only to operate a ridesharing service in Tasmania; and for these female drivers to only drive other females, primary school-aged children (boys and girls), boys up to 18 years of age if accompanied by a female guardian, and a man travelling with his female partner and baby in need of a baby seat or child in need of a booster seat if this has been pre-booked with Shebah and the driver has agreed, on the basis that:

  • Females may feel uncomfortable becoming standard taxi or ride share drivers due to security concerns and feeling intimidated and scared for their safety due to male passengers;
  • Promoting female drivers, promotes equal employment opportunities as taxi and ride sharing drivers are predominantly male;
  • Females may feel intimidated and scared for their safety due to prior negative experiences, when using standard taxi or ride share services;
  • Due to religious beliefs, some females may not travel in a car alone with a male driver who is not a relative; and
  • Females who have previously been subjected to intimidation, abuse, sexual assault or domestic violence, and elderly women who are particularly vulnerable, may lack the confidence or be too intimidated to use a service provided predominantly by men when using standard taxi or ride share services.